At H & M Machine Service, we have a variety of equipment on our expansive shop floor.  We can provide the right solution to meet your needs in-house.  We will only send out source secondary work when is absolutely necessary.  We believe that we can provide quality turnkey parts and much faster turn around time by keeping it in house.  We have 23 major machines for any job big or small.  We also have various finish equipment to fine tune the final product.

Here is a list of our current equipment:

  • Swiss CNC Lathe
  • Miyano CNC Lathe
  • Doosan CNC Mill
  • 7/16″ RA-6 ACME
  • 9/16″ RA-6 ACME
  • 1″ RA-6 ACME
  • 1″ RAN-6 ACME
  • 1 1/4″ RA-6 ACME
  • 1 5/8″ RA-6 ACME
  • 2 5/8” RA-6 ACME
  • 3 1/2” RB-6 ACME
  • 2G Brown and Sharpe
  • OG Brown and Sharpe
  • OS Davenport
  • 3/4” OS Davenport
  • 2G Ultramatic B&S